Flourish Furniture Auburn is also famous for their collection of marble furniture. You can find all kinds of marble furniture here: marble coffee table, marble dining table, marble side table, marble top dining table, marble bedside table, marble tv unit, marble desk, and more. Visit us or contact us today to find your perfect marble furniture from Flourish Furniture.

Below are some questions  you want to know about Marble Furniture and Marble Dining Table

What are marble furniture?

Marble has been a symbol of luxury for centuries. Marble has been a favorite of kings and queens throughout the history which is why it was extensively used in buildings such as palaces, temples, government building and iconic wonders.


Flourish Furniture Auburn has a wide collection of marble furniture, especially marble dining tables, Welcome to visit us to find the best marble furniture for your home.

Are marble dining tables hard to maintain?

Marble products are very strong and marble furniture can retain their beauty if they are maintained properly. Resealing and polishing after every 6 months can help in keeping marble furniture in brand new condition.


Flourish Furniture Auburn marble furniture are strong and easy to maintain. With easy maintenance, your marble furniture can remain as good as new even after years.

Why choose Marble Dining Table

Marble dining tables are glamorous even in their simplest design. Marble dining can really light up a room with their extravagant appearance. There are many designs and styles in which marble dining tables are available in the market. No matter what type of design scheme you have in your dining room, there is a complimenting marble dining table in the market.


Find a piece of beautiful marble dining table from Flourish Furniture Auburn. No matter the design of your house, we have a beautiful marble dining table suite your decoration.

What type of marble is used for dining table?

Flourish Furniture Auburn has the popular type of marble dining tables. faux marble dining table , marble console table, black marble dining table, Round Marble Dining Table, Natural Marble Dining table,  Square Marble Dining Table. You name it, we have a marble dining table for sale for you.

Is marble table easy clean?

There is nothing compares to a marble furniture when comes to beauty and durable. But Marble requires careful cleaning and maintenance. With good clean and maintenance, your marble dining table can last very long.


Our marble dining table specialist from Flourish Furniture Auburn can help you with the tips on how to clean and maintain your marble dining table.

Do marble tables get scratched?


All scratches on marble can be removed, from lighter scratches that just require some polish. Deeper scratches will require the use of abrasives to remove them. Removing scratches with abrasives can be done wet or dry. They can be removed manually or with an electric sander.


Our marble dining table specialist from Flourish Furniture Auburn can help you with the tips and tool on how to remove scratches from marble dining tables.

What are popular marble furnitures:

Flourish Furniture Auburn has the popular type of marble furniture:

faux marble dining table  Australia

marble console table

black marble dining table

marble dining tables

Round Marble Dining Table

Natural Marble Dining table

Square Marble Dining Table

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What is Artificial Marble?

Artificial Marble is a human-made creation built from small marble debris, stone powder, quartz, sand, colophony, plastic, cement, and acrylic glue, mixed in a predetermined ratio. The concoction is stirred vigorously under vacuum and then kept under high pressure in a mould, to solidify, and form hard marble rocks.


Several homebuyers now prefer to have artificial marble as these are cost-effective. Visit Flourish Furniture Auburn for a collection of artificial marble furniture.

Is Artificial Marble Furniture easy for maintenance?

Artificial marble is a non-porous substance that requires lower maintenance and upkeep. The process of creating artificial marble makes it resistant to oil, stains, and discolouration. Even regular cleaners are compatible with artificial marbles.

Is Artificial Marble furniture heavy?

As compared to the natural marble, the Artificial marbles furniture are comparatively slimmer and lighter, thereby enabling portability with ease. Its light-weight makes it easier to install and enhances cost savings.

Is artificial marble furniture expensive?

Artificial marble furniture is less expensive than natural marble furniture as it can be easily created in a quarry with a mix of few elements and solidified in a mould.

Aida Marble Dining Table

Aletta Marble DiningTable

Alfonso Marble Dining Table

Andrea Natural Marble Dining Table

Antonio Marble Dining Table

Aulina Console Table

Aurora Marble Dining Table

Axelle Natural Marble Dining Table

Bambi Marble Dining Table

Battista Marble Dining Table

Boris Marble Dining Table

Calinda Marble Flower Stand

Camilla Coffee Table Set

Casmiro Marble Dining Table

Cristian Marble Dining Table

Domenica Marble Dining Table

Domenico Marble Dining Table

Edoardo Marble Dining Table

Emberto Marble Dining Table

Enrico  Marble Dining Table

Fontana Marble Dining Table

Giorgia Marble Dining Table

Giulia Marble Dining Table

Giuseppe  Marble Dining Table

Horace Marble Dining Table

Isaac Flower Stand

Ivano Marble Dining Table

Jacob Coffee Table

Jude Flower Stand

Knox Natural Marble Dining Table

Leandro Console Table

Marcello Marble Dining Table

Marco Flower Stand

Max Marble Top Dining Table

Maximo Coffee Table

Riccardo Marble Dining Table

Rina Console Table

Rotika Marble TV Unit

Samuele Marble Dining Table

Santiago Console Table

Valerius Marble Dining Table

BROOKLYN Coffee Table

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LUCIA Marble Coffee Table (CT-091)

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LYDIA Console Table (C-8009)

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MATTEO Coffee Table (CT-095)

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MUSIQUE Coffee Table

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PHOENIX Marble Console Table

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ROSELEY Marble Coffee Table Set

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SHEILA Marble Console Table

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